Alissa Albuquerque de Carvalho (Lalitaa)

Lavras, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Listing Type : Teachers
Location : South America
Phone : 5535992754765
Website : www.

My name is Alissa (Lalitaa), I’m 25, I live in Brazil and I’m a Yoga enthusiast. I’m an Intermediate Integral Yoga teacher. I started this beautiful path back in 2016, and since then I’ve never stopped teaching. I’ve been doing it as a hobbie and also beacuse I realized teaching is a good way to stay commited to my personal practice.

I took the Basic Teacher Training in 2016 with Atman in Lavras (Brasil). In 2017 I took the Meditation and Pranayama Teacher Traning with Swami Divyananda in Belo Horizone (Brazil) and in 2018 I took the ITT with Renata Sumar and Swami Ramananda, also in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

I’m good at communicating and expressing my thoughts and feelings. I’m creative, organized and usually very dedicated to things I get involved with. Life has taught me to be more tolerant, patient, and understanding regarding situations that the mind can’t always understand. I’m full of energy to serve, work, and learn about the real meaning of living a yogic life and the principles of sharing these deep teachings.

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