October 27, 2018 all-day
Boulder, CO, USA
100 Arapahoe Ave #6
Boulder, CO 80302
(434) 989-9377
Making the Most Out of Our Life and Death w/ Swami Asokananda @ Boulder, CO, USA | Boulder | Colorado | United States

Making the Most Out of Our Life and Death
A Day Workshop with Swami Asokananda
Saturday, October 27, 2018

10am-12pm Yoga Class – Mixed level leading into Meditation

1:30-3:00pm Making the Most Out of Our Life and Death: Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 2)
We do not see the world as it is. Each of us sees a different version of the world because our mind is not objective. All these separate versions of reality create conflict. Yoga provides us with the tools to see clearly and live in harmony. The Bhagavad Gita, one of the essential scriptures of Yoga, teaches us how to live in clarity and peace, so when it comes time to leave
this world we feel prepared to move onto the next phase of our journey.

3:00-3:30pm Stretching Break in the Park led by Swami Asokananda

3:45-5:15pm Will My Real Self Please Stand Up – Discovering Our Authentic Being through Jnana Yoga
While most of us experience ourselves to be the body, mind, and individual ego, Jnana Yoga teaches that this perception is not accurate. We are the owner of the body, mind, and ego. The path of Jnana Yoga uses our clear, awakened intelligence to dis-cover the Owner—the True Self. It is the way to transcend all limiting belief systems that cause our suffering, leading to a fearless and worry-free life. In this workshop we will explore the causes of self-limiting beliefs and practical ways to begin a Jnana Yoga practice.

Yoga Class: Nalandabodhi, 100 Arapahoe Ave #6, Bldr.
Workshops: Louis & Padma’s home, N. Boulder
Space is limited! Reserve with advanced payment
Cost: $60
o Check (to Raquel Habib) or credit card accepted
o All proceeds go to the Integral Yoga Institute of
New York, a non-profit organization. www.iyiny.org

Swami Asokananda, a monk since 1973, is one of Integral
Yoga’s foremost teachers, known for his warmth, intelligence
and good humor. While he enjoys sharing the practical
wisdom of yogic philosophy, he is also one of Integral Yoga’s
primary instructors for Intermediate and Advanced Hatha
Yoga Teacher Trainings. He serves as President of the New
York Integral Yoga Institute and prior to that served as
President of Satchidananda Ashram—Yogaville and Integral
Yoga International. Swami Asokananda travels extensively
teaching programs and Teacher Trainings and serves on the
Board of Yoga Alliance.