October 14, 2018 – October 19, 2018 all-day
Switzerland - MahaDevi Yoga Centre
5600 Lenzburg
CHF 1100
Anaïs Sägesser

Yoga for the Special Child Basic 1 is a comprehensive, hands on, experiential  course that will help you gain all the tools and skills you need to start teaching yoga to children with special needs. The course is open to yoga teachers, yoga students, school teachers, health practitioners, OT, PT, parents of children with special needs and everyone who is interested in helping children with special needs through the means of yoga.

The Method Sonia Sumar pioneered over 45 years ago, is rooted in classical Integral Hatha Yoga, therefore it carries all of its components : voice work- chanting, eyes exercises, breathing work- pranayama, physical exercise, asanas, deep relation and meditation- yoga nidra. It is a safe and gentle but yet extremely powerful therapeutic yoga approach that has been helping improve the life of children with special needs across the globe. The method is suitable for any age and any condition.

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate that is recognized by Yoga Alliance US. Once you receive this certificate you can officially start teaching yoga to children with special needs from 0 to 12 years old.

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