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Mala Cunningham is a Counseling Psychologist and Certified Yoga Therapist in Charlottesville, VA. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia School of Nursing where she teaches courses in Foundations of Medical Yoga for Health Professionals. Dr. Cunningham is also the president of Positive Health Solutions and is the founder and director of Hospital Bed Yoga and the Cardiac Medical Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is also the co-director of Medical Yoga at the University of Virginia and is involved in several Yoga-based initiatives, including a research study exploring the impact of Medical Yoga on lupus patients. She has developed and teaches CME and CEU courses in Medical Yoga for physicians and healthcare workers offered through the University of Virginia Professional Development office.

Dr. Cunningham specializes in Neuroscience, Yoga Psychology, Cardiac and Medical Yoga, and mindfulness. She is an Integral Yoga Minister and a senior disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 35 years. She is also the author of Medical Yoga: A Gentle and Modified Practice of Yoga for Assistance in Healing; and produced several CDs entitled: Healing Journey, and Before and After Surgery: Guided Imagery & Relaxation for Surgery Patients.

Yoga Skills for Therapists

Bring serenity into your busy life with scientifically proven healing practices. 

In our hectic world, we need tools to help us weather life’s storms. Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are some of the most powerful tools you can wield – and their benefits are backed by neuroscience.

Before and After Surgery: Powerful Healing Techniques

The techniques on this CD of deep relaxation, guided imagery and positive thinking have been carefully selected to assist you before, during and after your surgery.

Higher Education, Medical Yoga, and the Legacy of Integral Yoga

In this interview, Dr. Mala Cunningham discusses the growing field of Medical Yoga and the new, groundbreaking course she’s developed for the University of Virginia: “Foundations of Medical Yoga for Health Professionals.”

Cardiac Medical Yoga Teacher's Training Course

The Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training Program is an internationally renowned certification program designed to educate and train medical personnel and yoga instructors to work with cardiac patients and their spouses in the area of Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Yoga. 

Bringing Yoga Therapy Into Hospitals and Academia

This workshop will provide opportunities for students to learn completency-based interviewing skills, planning strategies, marketing ideas, negotiation techniques, and important formula’s for the successful implementation of your idea or program.

Neuroscience, Yoga & Mindfulness: Powerful Healing Strategies for the Mind

The practices of yoga and mindfulness have a powerful impact on our neurobiology. In this course you will be introduced to new theories and research studies that are contributing to a more expansive conceptualization of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. 

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