Integral Yoga’s 50th Anniversary

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Few organizations of any kind can claim to be 50 years old, and in the Yoga world, there are even fewer. Integral Yoga® was proud to welcome 2016 as the year we celebrated a half century of service.

It was the summer of 1966 in New York City when pop artist icon Peter Max introduced his friends—a lively group of artists, photographers, musicians, and hip and aware folks—to Sri Swami Satchidananda, who had arrived for a 2-day visit arranged by filmmaker Conrad Rooks. It took only a few evenings in Swami Satchidananda’s company and a few Yoga classes to inspire this group to request him to extend his stay. Swami Satchidananda agreed and began to teach classes in Hatha Yoga, lead kirtans, and give talks—all from his temporary residence at the Oliver Cromwell Hotel. Soon, his enthusiastic students rented a larger apartment at 500 West End Avenue and founded the Integral Yoga Institute on October 7, 1966.

Today, a new Integral Yoga International is emerging in response to the needs of the times, the sweet fruit of the seeds sown by Swami Satchidananda. Our teachers continue to develop specialized Yoga practices for every population and environment—all the while maintaining a deep reverence for the classical foundations and integrity of the Integral Yoga tradition gifted to us by Swami Satchidananda.

Below – First Integral Yoga Institute Members, 500 West End Avenue, New York NY – 1966

Integral Yoga 50th at Yogaville

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville hosted special festivities commemorating Integral Yoga’s 50th during the Guru Poornima celebration from July 15-18. The Yogaville program included the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) and the 25th Anniversary of the Lord Siva Nataraja Shrine at Kailash. These celebrations were followed by a week of special Integral Yoga conferences.

IY-50 Celebration

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July 15-17

October 7th is “Integral Yoga Day”

Established during Integral Yoga’s 50th anniversary in 2016, October 7th was observed as “Integral Yoga Day” by our worldwide sangha. During the weekend of October 7th, we encouraged all of our centers and teachers to hold celebrations of whatever kind they chose. In the spirit of service, we encouraged our teachers to offer free Yoga classes in as many communities and settings as possible on Integral Yoga Day.

We will continue to celebrate “Integral Yoga Day” on October 7th annually, from 2016 onward. May we all be inspired by this special milestone 50th anniversary for the next 50 years and beyond to live and share the teachings that have guided our lives and can bring peace to our world.

First Integral Yoga® Institute Members

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It is with a heavy heart, that the IY community shares the sad news of the passing of one of our beloved members: Jnani Chapman.

Mitra Lerner (founder of Commonweal) shares this:

Dear Ones:

I write with sad news. Our beloved Jnani Chapman, senior massage person and often yoga teacher in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, died this morning at 4:20 a.m. The police called her nephew Jed, who in turn called Commonweal and spoke with Arlene and Jenepher.

As we understand, Jnani was driving on a highway in Orange County when she hit a car parked by the side of the road. We are told she tried to swerve but did not make it. The driver of the other car is, we understand, hospitalized.

Jnani was just with us last week on our 198th Cancer Help Program. She was deeply beloved by alumni and staff. The Cancer Help Program was where she experienced her greatest sense of being at home.

I know how deeply beloved Jnani was in the Integral Yoga community. We are setting up a scholarship for the Cancer Help Program to honor her memory.

Life is precious.


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